We met Ayana in a small town called Luatoka which is located in Fiji. The ITF Pacific Training Facility is based there and we had organized a meeting with Darran Wrighton who was managing the ITF initiative at the time. Athletes from across the pacific islands are home schooled and play tennis full time at the ITF Facility. Ayana was from Palau which is located in Micronesia. She was in her last year of high school and dreamed of pursuing a USA college career. Within 2 months of meeting Ayana we started sending out emails to colleges, to see which universities would be interested.

After 6 months of emailing colleges, Ayana had 12 full offers to choose from Division 1 and Division 2 universities. Ayana and her family have decided to select NCAA Division I Alabama A&M University in Huntsville (Alabama) as their USA college!

We are very proud of Ayana and need to thank one person to make this happen, and that is Darran Wrighton (former ITF Pacific Manager). He has continued to support hundreds of athletes and communities around the Pacific. Without his support, it will be near impossible for athletes like Ayana compete at a high level which attracts USA colleges.

Best of luck Ayana and we cannot wait to see you grow as an amazing player over the next four years!

Ayana Rengiil has signed a tennis scholarship with Alabama A and M University, an NCAA Division I university located in Huntsville Alabama.