Klara Simolikova | Cardinal Stretch University

Klara Simolikova signed her tennis scholarship with Cardinal Stretch University in 2017, an NAIA university located in Milwaukie Wisconsin.

Klara is from the Czech Republic and contacted us in 2016. She wanted to transfer out of her NCAA Division I college in North Carolina as she was not happy. We then helped her transfer to an NCAA Division II in New Mexico. However, after arriving there, due to personal reasons she wanted to find another college. After being released from the NCAA Klara signed with Cardinal Stretch.

Cardinal Stretch University competes in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference. The university is located in a big city with a population of 595,000 people. Klara and her college team compete in various states including Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and home state Wisconsin.

We are very happy that Klara has found the right environment for her! We are excited to see Klara start her Senior year in August 2019.