Washington Bgoni was on a soccer scholarship at Mt Olive University in August 2018, located in North Carolina. 

Wet met Washington in 2016 in Wellington at a local soccer academy. Washington is a class goalkeeper and wanted to chase his college dream. The first college he was placed at was Francis Marion University, in August 2017, which competes within the NCAA Division II. However, it did not go to plan and we transferred Washington to a different college immediately. He was signed with Mt Olive University to start as a Sophomore in Fall 2019.

During Washington’s 2017 soccer season he suffered two concussions which put him on the bench for a chunk of the season. When Washington returned back into New Zealand in May 2018, during a training session he fractured his leg. Even though Mt Olive University was prepared to manage the recovery and rehabilitation, Washington’s family decided to keep him in New Zealand due to his bad luck with injuries.

Even though this is not the perfect college story, we are so proud to have worked with this young man. He showed courage, hard work, discipline and dedication towards college soccer. He experienced the college system and walks away with zero regrets. 

Washington is now attending a university in Melbourne. We look forward to staying in touch with Washington in the future!