How to get a scholarship?

Find or look for a scholarship on your own?

Gaining a college scholarship in the United States is a unique and fantastic opportunity, and you can earn this on your own. College coaches list their emails on their college websites, and you can reach out to them as you wish.

However, there are the struggles student-athletes embrace when trying to conduct the college process on their own. Here are some problems you will face.

  1. There are thousands of colleges so where do you start?
  2. How do you separate good college coaches from the bad?
  3. Do you know the times you are allowed to talk to college coaches?
  4. College coaches get hundreds of emails a day, so how do you get them to open yours?
  5. When being interviewed, what questions do you ask?
  6. What happens if a college coach does not reply to your email?
  7. What does a college coach look for in a recruit?
  8. What does my college video need to include?

Many student-athletes have completed the process themselves. However, usually, this is when a college coach contacts a student-athlete due to their high level of sporting ability.

In the college recruitment game, it is not what you know, but whom you know.

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College Placement: Why student-athletes work with us!

There are many scholarship recruitment services around the world which makes the decision that much harder. Below is why student-athletes choose us over other agencies:

  1. College Connections: Over the years we have hosted and built close friendships with college coaches. The Platform Team involves former college coaches and former college student-athletes who network on behalf of our athletes. Their experience and connections in the college system are vital to college recruitment. With thousands of college coaches in America, it is important to have a network which outlines the good colleges from bad.
  2. Our Services: We provide a wide range of services at various prices. Our services include:
  • Information on SAT’s and NCAA
  • College video
  • Access to an online account
  • Former college coaches networking on your behalf
  • Interview questions and advisement provided
  • Advising with college scholarship negotiations¬†
  • Online SAT tutoring software
  • Visa information
  • College care until graduation
  • Easy and safe payment plans¬†

3. Online Account: When athletes come on board with Platform Sports Management, they automatically get access to create their online account. The account will have the following features:

  • Make a unique college profile based on student-athletes sport
  • Connect with college coaches on Platforms network
  • Tasks will be automated for student-athletes to complete
  • All contact will be made online to ensure the process is simple and easy for
    students and their families.

Make a free student athlete account by clicking this link and get started on your process. Once you make an account, we will be in touch!