Golf in the US College System

Golf has been one of the world’s greatest sports for many years and is very extremely popular in the USA college system. Legends of the game have used the USA College System as a stepping stone to the Professional Leagues including Tiger Woods, Luke Donald, Paul Casey and Phil Mickelson.

College Golf is very upbeat and exciting with student-athletes in a college team all working together towards the same goal. Every athlete on a college team is practising very hard so they can help their team win fixtures. Student-athletes teammates become family, and they support each other in every way!

Playing college golf is excellent as athletes have the chance to live like a professional by playing at fantastic golf courses, travelling America, having advanced coaching and access to world-class resources while on a scholarship! Also competing every week at a high level in the sport you love to fund your degree is not such a bad thing!

Below is the number of scholarships a Golf College Coach is allowed to allocate their team (based on the institutions and division):

NCAA Division 1: 4.5
NCAA Division 2:3.6
NCAA Division 3:0

NCAA Division 1:6
NCAA Division 2:5
NCAA Division 3:0

Within each division, college coaches have unique recruiting requirements which they set in place for student-athletes which involves handicaps, world amateur rankings and specific tournaments.

We have placed many athletes amongst different divisions, and we know what college coaches look for in student-athletes.

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