Location & The importance of choosing the right University

Many students around the world work hard and focus on finding the right fit for them. However, one thing pops up all the time, Location. Students want to make sure they are living in the best state or city.

Is the Location of the college vital to my college experience? To some degree, Yes it is! It is your four years, and we want to make sure you are happy wherever you go. The last things you want to feel is miserable during your four years in college. However, you need to make smart decisions and look at the bigger picture.

Here are some things you need to ask yourself before you decide on a college:

  1. Will I develop here as an athlete?
    Many athletes choose a location first and don’t look at the quality of training and the facilities. Even though the college may be in California, does that college have the athletic resources to help take you to the best sporting level? Also, you need to do a reliable background check on the coach and find out if the coach is going to help you improve. Remember, there are good managers, and there are good coaches. Be careful!
  2. Will I be competing at a reasonable level?
    Make sure you evaluate the level athletically of the college. Make sure you are not going to a college which is too high where you get zero game time, or too low where you are just not going to be challenged!
  3. Will my degree be credible?
    This is a big one! You need to check the academic rank of the college and see if future employers will be jumping out towards you after your degree. For example, the University of Michigan is not in the best area. It is cold, and it snows all the time. However, the academic status of that college is extremely high! So would you rather be near a beach, or be in a position to get an incredible salary out of college?
  4. How often will I be travelling?
    Check out the playing schedule. The best colleges to go to are the ones with amazing schedules where you can travel and explore different states in America. Make sure the college’s schedule is great. It won’t be a good time if you are in a great location but never get to travel anywhere. That is not much of an experience!
  5. Is the environment safe?
    Find out how safe the campus and the location of the college is before you sign anything. Even though some colleges are in great places, make sure you do your homework and find out the crime rates. Most universities have full-time police on their campus to make sure all students are safe. However, it never hurts to check!

To conclude, Yes the location is important but also make sure you tick off all the boxes above. Going to America is a unique opportunity, and not every student can get a scholarship. Do not to be blindsided by the location and make smart decisions!