Rugby in the US College System

Rugby scholarships in America are not as well funded compared to other sports like Soccer, Tennis, and Golf. The NCAA supports Women’s rugby as an emerging sport, and scholarships are available for females to attend a college! However, for the Men, rugby scholarships are very hard to come by as the NCAA does not fund them. Men’s rugby is governed by USA Rugby which organizes the competition structure and provides regulations only for athletes. Scholarships for Men are available directly from the college or the affiliated club, but can be tough to come by if you do not know the right people!

College Coach Requirements
Coaches look for athletes who have good grades due to the lack of athletic funding! College Coaches understand that student-athletes do not have a high budget of USD 30,000. So make yourself more recruitable by increasing your GPA and SAT score! Coaches also look for players with a good highlights video. So start recording and make sure your energy levels are high! Coaches also look for amateur athletes as this is one of many eligibility requirements!

Why go to the USA on a Rugby Scholarship?
If you have the grades and you are good at your position in Rugby, why not be on a scholarship in the US? You will walk out with no student loan and have a chance to have a lifetime experience in another country!

Can I get a full ride?
Even though the NCAA does not offer rugby scholarships for Men, you can still get money from Universities to compete in the rugby team. You can also stack your rugby money with academic which can get you close to a full ride! However, again, remember grades are crucial! Women have better chances of a full scholarship with the NCAA backing the sport!