Soccer in the US College System

College soccer in America is one of the biggest sports within the College System. Each year thousands of athletes earn scholarships at different colleges. When competing within the college system, student-athletes live the life of a professional football but maintaining their amateur status. Student-athletes have access to recovery rooms, gyms, trainer, nutritionists, mental coaches, the latest gear, and the opportunity to travel around the United States competing.

College pathways
For student-athletes who want to take a professional route, America has two professional soccer leagues for both men and women. The Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Majority of games are live streamed across the world which increases players chance to be identified by professional clubs. Professional clubs signing college athletes are becoming very common as the rate of college athletes being signed by professional clubs are rapidly increasing.

The soccer college system also provides an opportunity for those who want to have the experience of competing in a different country, living the college lifestyle and earning a degree which will set students up for the next chapter of their life.

Below is the number of scholarships a Soccer College Coach is allowed to allocate their team (based on the institutions and division):

NCAA Division 1 Men’s: 9.9
NCAA Division 1 Women’s: 14
NCAA Division 2 Men’s: 9.0
NCAA Division 2 Women’s: 9.9
NCAA Division 3 Men’s: No Soccer Scholarships
NCAA Division 3 Women’s: No Soccer Scholarships
NAIA Men’s: 12
NAIA Women’s: 12
NJCAA Men’s (Junior College): 24
NJCAA Women’s (Junior College): 24

No matter what level student-athletes are, there is a home for everyone with the various divisions. Lastly, while you are competing, travelling around the US, making lifelong friends, you will be walking out of college with a college degree.

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