Tennis in the US College System

We have placed many Tennis athletes in college programs in the United States at different levels. The beauty of the college system is the large number of programs at various levels. It has a pathway for those who want to go professional, and for those who want the college experience.

Many greats have also competed in the college system on a tennis scholarship including John Isner, Kevin Anderson and the legendary doubles duo the Bryan Brothers.

Number of tennis programs in the US College system:

NCAA Division 1 Men’s: 250+
NCAA Division 1 Women’s: 300+
NCAA Division 2 Men’s: 160+
NCAA Division 2 Women’s: 220+
NCAA Division 3 Men’s: 320+
NCAA Division 3 Women’s: 360+
NAIA Men’s: 100+
NAIA Women’s: 100+
NJCAA (Junior College): 60+
NJCAA (Junior College): 70+

Number of scholarships per team in the US College system:

NCAA Division 1 Men’s: 4.5
NCAA Division 1 Women’s: 8
NCAA Division 2 Men’s: 4.5
NCAA Division 2 Women’s: 6
NCAA Division 3 Men’s: 0
NCAA Division 3 Women’s: 0
NAIA Men’s: 5
NAIA Women’s: 5
NJCAA (Junior College): 9
NJCAA (Junior College): 9

The problem today is the competition for gaining a scholarship is high and the college tennis market is becoming extremely saturated with thousands of athletes trying to get scholarships.

However, we have come up with an efficient system and built an excellent college network which makes life very easy for student-athletes and helps them get recruited easier.

Start the process now by making a free online account. Once processed, we will organise a free consultation with you and take you through the process.