What makes The Perfect Recruit?

Below are important traits a prospective student athlete must have if they want to impress college coaches in America:

Character: College coaches first see what sort of person the student-athlete is. They want to know whether or not they can work with the student-athlete and see if they can also work with their teammates.

Playing Ability: Obviously, this is a big one! They want to make sure recruits can meet the team playing standard and ability. They also look to see if the student can grow throughout their USA college career.

Academic Standards: Coaches in American colleges make sure their athletes are good students. Remember that if an athlete wants to maintain their scholarship, they have to meet the NCAA/NAIA requirements. So if a coach knows the recruit cannot support this, then there is a 99.9% chance that athlete will not be recruited.

Work Ethic: Coaches are looking for athletes who are willing to put in 110% work into their sport. Remember that coaches are investing much money into you! They want to make sure that the athlete is willing to put in the hard yards!

Physical Attributes: Regardless of the sporting codes, all college coaches are looking for the best athletes with excellent fitness and athletic capabilities. Be very smart with your training plan and work with a sports and conditioning coach that can advance your playing ability. If you are not sure whom to contact, please reach out to our support team, and we will provide recommendations.

Strengths: The biggest question that coaches ask themselves is “how can this athlete add value to my team”. This question comes up when we organise our players Skype meetings with USA college coaches. It is not wrong to promote yourself highly if you believe you have a specific strength (playing ability in a particular position, team leader, public speaker,
fitness levels). It just shows you back yourself and has worked hard. So please do not be overly modest! Remember you are competing with other athletes from across the world for a position in a college team!

Discipline: Coaches look for athletes who have excellent discipline. They want to recruit students who will front up to training, take competition and training seriously and those who do not break the rules. Also, yes this means student being in bed early before big competition fixtures! There is much money involved, and the atmosphere is like a professional environment. Coaches take recruiting very seriously, and if you have a track record which shows the lack of discipline (showing up late to training) then gaining a scholarship will start to be difficult.

Listening and Interpreting: USA college coaches want to know if the recruits have the potential to follow instructions and interpret new information. There is no point recruiting an athlete who is not going to listen to coaches instructions and learn new skills. Coaches look for improvement and development within their team.

Leadership: This is an essential quality for recruits to have. Coaches are looking for athletes who drive their teammates and show support in difficult situations. Coaches cannot coach the team during their sport, so they need someone who is also confident in making quick decisions to change the strategy and leading the team to victories.