What happens to my eligibility?

If your NCAA championship is in the Spring semester, then you can qualify for an additional year of eligibility. Please make sure to check the NCAA website for this.

What happens if I am attending college in Fall 2020 and I cannot sit an SAT exam?

The NCAA will waiver the SAT requirement for Fall 2020 intake due to cancellations in tests.

What happens if I want to go in Fall 2020 and cannot go into school and get my high school proof of graduation?

The NCAA will try and help you get this electronically. For some reason, if there is no administration staff at your high school campus then they will apply for a waiver. However, this is a case by case basis.

If I qualify for an additional year of eligibility, will that mean I get a 5th-year scholarship?

Colleges under the NCAA will get access to the NCAA Scholarship Fund, but again it is a case by case basis whether the college will give scholarship or not. Seniors who were meant to graduate in Spring 2020 can get a scholarship and college coaches can go above their scholarship limit. However, college coaches are not obligated to give scholarship money to other student-athletes who are not graduating in Spring 2020.

What happens to my visa if I come home?

If you decide to leave America, please check in with International Admissions to confirm your visa status when arriving back into America. The rule right now is if you spend more than five months out of America then you have to apply for a new visa. The Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) may change to create more flexibility due to COVID – 19. If there are any changes, we will let you know immediately.

When can I move back into campus housing?

Right now many student-athletes have been told to leave campus. As each state has been affected differently than others it will be a case by case basis.

Can I re-sign with another college right now?

If you are on the transfer portal, you can talk with college coaches.

What happens if I am going to college in Fall 2020 and I cannot sit an SAT exam?

If you cannot sit an SAT exam, most colleges are applying an SAT entrance waiver. However again this is a case by case basis. Some colleges will take your high school GPA and will get you to sit an SAT exam once arrived to see if you can get academic aid.

What will happen to competition in American in the 2020 Fall semester due to COVID-19?

Right now most sports programs within the college system have been asked to reduce their competing schedule to by 20%. Travelled will be limited and organised based on largely affected states.

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