Congratulations to Daniel Persson who has signed his tennis agreement with Tyler Junior College (TJC). Daniel is based in Auckland (NZ) and has been working with the Platform Team since his junior year in high school.

Daniel has a very impressive player resume’ which includes winning multiple National and ITF Titles. We are not surprised that one of the best NJCAA schools in America wanted him on their team! He is extremely talented and has professional aspirations post-college.

TJC is a very impressive school across a number of different sports. They have a long list of notable alumni in the sports world, such as NBA star Jimmy Butler. They are one of the largest community colleges in the country with around 12,500 students, similar in size to many NCAA Division 1 schools. Their tennis program has been very successful over the years, and are often seen as championship contenders. Also, recently TJC’s head coach Dash Connell has just been named Coach Of The Year for 2022. A lot of the TJC players transfer onto the big NCA Division 1 program after their two years, and then eventually onto the professional circuit. We know Daniel will be following the same pattern.

We are thrilled Daniel will be getting coached by Dash and we cannot wait to see him compete this August.

Next stop, Texas!

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