Deakin Southern | Tyler Junior College

Congratulations to Deakin Southern who has committed to Tyler Junior College in Texas! Deakin is from Wollongong, Australia and has been working with us over the last two years. Deakin played for South Coast Flame in the NPL and after having a superb 2019-20 season ended up winning the Players Player of the Year award for the team as a 17yr old. We are hoping that form can be transferred over to TJC and he continue to add more clean sheets to his tally.

TJC is a very impressive school across a number of different sports. They have a long list of notable alumni in the sports world, such as NBA star Jimmy Butler. They are one of the largest community colleges in the country with around 12,500 students, similar in size to many NCAA Division 1 schools. Their soccer program is one of the strongest in the country, consistently nationally ranked. Unfortunately they fell in the semi-finals last year to Iowa Western (Who went on to win the final) in a tight 1-0 loss. Their last National Championship was back in 2017, but hopefully with Deakin in goal they can win this year. We are super excited to watch Deakin compete this August!

From Deakin:

“I was interested in going to college in America for soccer as I had a friend that went to America and he told me all about it. It seemed like a great opportunity to not only get a college degree but also continue my soccer career and a different environment. Meeting students from all over the world would be awesome, and I’m sure it would lead to great opportunities and experiences. Winning a conference championships and competing within the NCAA tournament is my ultimate goal.” 

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