Tanishq Das | Westcliff University

Tanishq Das has signed with Westcliff University. Westcliff is NAIA program in Irvine, California (South LA) and competes in the California Pacific Conference. You can’t get much better in terms of location, only a few minutes drive out to Huntington Beach and not much longer to get to downtown LA. Cal Pac is a very competitive conference and Westcliff are on the rise and looking to knock Marymount California of the top spot. With the addition of Platform athletes Andre Lutton and Tanishq Das we are hoping they can make that happen and win some silverware.

Tanishq joined Platform in March 2021 looking for the opportunity to travel, learn and grow as soccer player and student. He is from Wellington New Zealand and has a fantastic drive to achieve his goals.

An interesting story about Tanishq is that he originally signed with another school. Back in January, Tanishq signed with Lincoln University in Illinois. He was super excited about this and was finishing off his documentation and making arrangements for attending there for Fall 2022. However in March, the university announced it was going to be closing this summer. The team at Platform got to work and within the month Tanishq then signed for Westcliff. We are all super happy that Tanishq is still getting the opportunity to get over there and compete!

From Tanishq:

“Platform has provided me with so much valuable information and spent so much time and effort into making sure I’m looked after and I’m happy with the decisions I make. I can’t think of many organizations in any field who would be willing to go above and beyond (i.e. working on weekends and talking to me on public holidays) to make sure their athletes are looked after. Can’t think of anyone better to get the job done! “

“Westcliff offered me an opportunity to play soccer at a promising level and had an attractive catalogue of courses that I choose from. I’m looking forward to the competition and challenge provided by not only my teammates but also the whole Cal-Pac division itself. A fun and exciting challenge which I hope will make me not only a better athlete but also a better person!”

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