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Platform Limited is a company which focuses on providing a pathway for students who wish to excel in their sports within the American college system. Currently in New Zealand, there is a wide range of gifted athletes who do not get given the best opportunities to show their talent. Platform Limited will be aiming to develop an efficient and quality pathway to counter this with providing the best service available to accommodate all sports.


Director / Head Recruiter: Amrit Rai

Hey my name is Amrit Rai and I am the head recruiter and director of Platform Sports Management. I am born and raised in New Plymouth which is located on the west coast of the North Island in New Zealand.

I grew up with a big passion for sports with my family involved in social and professional levels. I witnessed many of my close friends pursue USA college sport scholarships, and some of them came back less than impressed due to the college not being the right fit for them.

In 2014, I launched Platform with the focus of finding the perfect fit for my student-athletes. I also wanted to make our services affordable and create an easy college process. I love my job and I cannot wait to place many more athletes in American colleges from all over the world.

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