With a proven track record, we have guided hundreds of student-athletes from around the world to secure opportunities at prestigious universities through sports and academic scholarships.

Connecting international athletes with USA college coaches

We prepare student-athletes for the college system and connect them with suitable college programs which align with their unique college needs.

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A personable experience

We offer a very personable experience throughout the college process and we make it our number one priority. 

The A team

With direct experience in the American college system, including elite college programs, our team knows which college programs to pursue and, more importantly, which ones to avoid.

Transparent and honest approach

Our 100% success rate and support from world class sporting coaches is due to the fact we do things the right way. Its all about the athlete and we work tireless to make their college goals come true.

Advance USA College Recruiting Service

We’re an experienced team of former college coaches and student athletes. 

Our Process

We look for quality environments for our athletes to study, competes and to prepare themselves for their next chapter in life. 

Have a 30 minute call with our experienced team. We will walk you through the different services that we provide.

Once you sign up and partner with Platform, we start preparing you for college.

Our team will network you with college coaches and we will facilitate the whole process.

We will guide you through the signing and college application process.

We look after athletes until college graduation, including supporting athletes with the transfer process.

Success stories

Check out where our student athletes are placed and find out why they picked their college

Success Stories

Max Collingwood | Purdue University

Success Stories

Tom Bevan | Illinois State University

Success Stories

Jack Loutit | University of Kentucky

Success Stories

Laetitia Rizk | Stetson University

Success Stories

Finn Burridge | Quinnipiac University

Success Stories

Holly Harding | Lindenwood University

Success Stories

Melissa Cowen | University of Florida

Success Stories

Marco Azar | Johns Hopkins University

Success Stories

Bella Raynes | West Valley College

Success Stories

Bailey Hollick | Sierra College

Success Stories

Luke Hitchcock | Monmouth University

Success Stories

Ryo Minakata | Boise State University

Success Stories

Rosie Larkin | Salt Lake Community College

Partnering with the best

We are partnered and supported by leading high schools and sports academies worldwide, while also having the privilege of collaborating with one of the largest sports management agencies in the world, ASM Scholarships.

“I like how Platform Sports offers a personal approach to student-athletes and helps them navigate the college pathway seamlessly. I do not think twice when recommending them to my student-athletes.”

Ryan Stewart
Nelson Suburbs FC Head Coach

“I was looking for someone who understands the system, and understands the athletes. It is great to have Platform Sports working with my athletes”

Paul Ifill 
Former Wellington Phoenix athlete 

“Platform Sports has been a huge help with my college path, and it was a lot easier to understand the college system with their help. Platform helped me understand what I want out of the college system and what college I should look for. It would have been hard without Platform Sport’s help.”

Daniella Barrett
University of Miami – Golf 

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