A new era is upon us within the NCAA and college sports in America as a whole, which throughout its history has maintained the idea that college athletes are amateurs who shouldn’t be able to capitalise on themselves or attracted by the financial incentives offered by various programs. However, in July 2021, the NCAA began to allow athletes to earn money based entirely on their own NIL deals. NIL is a term in American college sports used to describe student-athletes’ ability to profit off their Name, Image, and Likeness. With the rise of social media and the increasing commercialisation of college sports, there has been growing pressure on the NCAA to allow its athletes to monetise their name, image, and likeness. As a result, the landscape now consists of college athletes signing their own endorsement deals, participating in commercial opportunities, and monetising their social media followings. NIL in the NCAA is still in its early stages. Still, it could transform the entire landscape of American college sports by allowing college athletes to benefit from their commercial value before even becoming professional athletes!

Legislative Landscape

As already mentioned, the NCAA officially adopted an interim NIL policy in July of 2021, mainly because several states began passing laws allowing NIL compensation for college athletes. However, there is currently no federal NIL legislation, and the presently existing laws vary widely from state to state. Certain states have more liberal laws which allow college athletes to sign endorsements with fewer restrictions. Still, the lack of consistency amongst the various states has created confusion for athletes and coaches. However, there remains to be an ongoing debate on whether a federal NIL law is necessary to develop a consistent structure for college athletes. The interim policies adopted by the NCAA span across all colleges throughout the country that operate within the NCAA. With more states passing NIL laws, and as the NCAA continues to engage the issue, the NIL landscape in college sports will continue to evolve.

LeBron James’ conversation with California Governor Gavin Newsom about NIL legislation

NIL’s Impact on College Sports

Since 2021, the impacts of the NCAA’s interim policies have already been astounding, with countless college athletes signing endorsement deals and using their social media accounts to their advantage. Critics of NIL claimed that only the top 1% of athletes would make any money and that only star players playing for highly ranked Division 1 teams would even be considered by companies looking to endorse them. However, this, fortunately, wasn’t the case. With star players competing in high-revenue sports and athletes in lesser-viewed sports, athletes have found the NIL space incredibly lucrative. Although the NIL space isn’t set up to evenly distribute opportunities amongst all athletes competing in the NCAA, there have still been far more athletes taking advantage of NIL than anticipated by critics. The emergence of NIL has also positively impacted women’s college sports by earning them money and allowing them to use their platform to advance gender equity in college sports. Women athletes have also tackled the social media sphere very effectively by posting creative content and gaining millions of followers, exposing them to further opportunities for endorsements. NIL, if anything, has worked to bring further attention to women’s college sports and exceptional women’s athletes!

Angel Reese : Top 10 NIL Earner

Concerns for College Recruiting

NIL also has the potential to impact recruiting for American college sports significantly. Athletes may be more inclined to choose schools that offer them the best opportunities to monetise their personal brands, potentially leading to a shift in the balance of power amongst college programs, with schools that have more resources and larger markets for endorsements having an advantage in recruiting great athletes. In addition, college programs could simultaneously use NIL compensation as a recruiting tool, promising athletes the opportunity to earn more money from endorsements and sponsorships if they choose to attend their school. The long-term impacts of NIL on college recruiting still remain to be seen. Still, NIL clearly works to put athletes first and ensure that they are able to adequately benefit from their hard work and talent displayed within their respective sports. 

Top NIL Earners

Olivia Dunne is an incredibly talented gymnast who joined the LSU gymnastics roster in 2020 and has earned a fortune thanks to NIL deals and her social media presence. Since the NCAA implemented their NIL policies in 2021, Dunne has secured endorsement deals with brands such as American Eagle, Forever 21, and Vuori. Dunne also uses her social media platforms which have amassed millions of followers, to promote various products and companies, earning compensation for her promotional efforts. Dunne has reportedly made over 3.4 million dollars from her NIL since the NCAA implemented their NIL policies!

LSU Gymnastics Star Olivia Dunne, Instagram: @livvydunne

Caleb Williams is another example of a tremendously successful college athlete who currently plays for the University of Southern California. Despite being a freshman in 2021, Williams made an immediate impact on the field for the Oklahoma Sooners, leading them to a dramatic victory over Texas at the Red River Showdown and earning him Big 12 Conference Newcomer of the Year honours. Williams has garnered significant attention for his earning power through NIL deals and has already secured several endorsement deals with brands such as Hawkins Way Capital, Beats by Dre, and Alo Yoga, just to name a few. Williams has also earned an astounding amount of money from his NIL, reportedly over 2.6 million dollars since entering the NCAA.

Caleb Williams playing for the University of South Carolina

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