We have taken a significant step forward by forming a strategic partnership with the Florida-based sports placement powerhouse, ASM Scholarships! This alliance represents a significant leap in student-athlete recruitment, offering aspiring athletes a unique combination of support, an extensive network, and the guidance of former college coaches to help them secure scholarship opportunities at their ideal colleges. Platform Sports and ASM Scholarships have joined forces to revolutionise how student-athletes access higher education through sports scholarships. We’re excited to keep impressing you with our service with the valuable assistance of ASM Scholarships!

What excites us most about this collaboration is the shared values and vision that bind Platform Sports and ASM together. Our mutual dedication to excellence and transparency converge, establishing the groundwork for a partnership to transform the college recruitment space.

To hear more about the details regarding our recent partnership, hit the video below and watch our partnership announcement podcast, where our director, Amrit Rai, sits down with CEO and co-founder of ASM Scholarships, Chris Vidal, to provide further insight into this exciting new chapter!

The impressive track record of ASM, along with their team of former college coaches, closely mirrors our commitment to delivering exceptional guidance and support. By leveraging our strengths and working together, we aim to create new opportunities for student-athletes and set a higher standard for integrity and excellence in the industry.

Watch the video below to learn more about the co-founder of ASM and four-time major golf champion, Ernie Els!

Are you intrigued by the exciting possibilities of our partnership with ASM Scholarships? Contact us today, and let’s work together to kickstart your path to success in the American college system. Take the first step now and book your FREE consultation with us to see where you fit into the American college system.

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