We are thrilled to announce that our team here at Platform Sports has expanded with the addition of our two new American Football recruiters. With a passion for the sport and years of experience in recruiting, Lance and Finn will help us discover talented players across the world and guide them towards securing scholarships at some of the top colleges and universities. Their expertise in identifying and evaluating players will help us continue to grow and provide opportunities for student-athletes to achieve their dreams of playing college football.

Meet Lance Leota

Lance’s impressive background as a highly accomplished athlete, coupled with his experience in playing for several football teams at different levels of competition, make him an excellent fit for a new American football agent. He has earned various accolades during his time in college, semi-professional, and professional football, including being named to the All Conference 1st Defense and receiving the Heart of Champions Defensive Player of the Year award while at Grossmont College.

Additionally, Lance’s outstanding performance while playing for Tamaki Lightning and South Auckland Raiders, where he was named the Sack Leader, MVP of the league, and Defensive Player of the Year, is a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication to the sport. His selection to the All-Star Team, representation of Team Europe, and drafting into both the NFL IPP and CFL further underscore his immense talent and potential as a player.

With his remarkable track record as an athlete, Lance brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight into the world of American football, which we are incredibly grateful for. As such, having him onboard as a new American football agent is an exciting prospect that is sure to yield positive results for any team that he represents.

https://www.1news.co.nz/2021/09/22/lance-leota-one-of-two-kiwis-a-step-closer-to-making-the-nfl/– For full video and audio

Welcome Finn Rudd

Finn’s journey as a student-athlete from New Zealand to the United States to pursue his passion for American football is unlike any other and his passion for football will carry through in his recruiting abilities. His experience playing for different teams and levels of competition, combined with his work ethic and perseverance, is a testament to his commitment and dedication to the sport.

Finn’s success as a Kicker/Punter in college, earning a scholarship to play for Highland Community College in Kansas, followed by UC Davis in California, is another example of his outstanding performance and potential as a player. Finn also managed to secure a full scholarship to a four-year university in the United States which demonstrates his proficiency in navigating the recruitment process and understanding what it takes to succeed in American football.

Furthermore, Finn’s passion for guiding and connecting student-athletes through the recruitment process, as well as his ability to coach individuals worldwide, reflects his dedication to helping others achieve their goals in American football. His experience and expertise in American football, combined with his strong work ethic and passion for the sport, also make him an incredibly valuable addition to the Platform family.

https://www.1news.co.nz/2020/05/06/kiwi-kicker-a-step-closer-to-nfl-dream-with-scholarship-to-top-us-college/ – For full video and audio

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