Having Simon on board as a new soccer agent will be a crucial aspect of our soccer recruiting because of his unique background and wealth of experience in the soccer world. Simon’s journey from playing soccer in New Zealand to earning scholarships and playing at various levels in the United States demonstrates his ability to navigate different soccer systems and succeed at multiple levels of competition.

Simon’s knowledge of the American college soccer system and his experience placing numerous student-athletes into college programs make him a valuable asset to any recruitment team. His dedication to helping young athletes achieve their academic and athletic goals is admirable, and his expertise will provide invaluable guidance and support to student-athletes throughout the recruitment process. Simon’s unwavering dedication and commitment have already enabled him to successfully place numerous student-athletes for us this year. Based on his exceptional track record, we have every reason to believe that he will continue to do so relentlessly in the future.

Moreover, Simon’s international background and diverse cultural experiences give him a unique perspective on the sport, which will help him understand the needs and aspirations of a broad range of athletes. His passion for soccer and his commitment to excellence make him an ideal soccer agent who will undoubtedly help our clients achieve their full potential in the sport.

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