Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Logan recently embarked on a new chapter in his collegiate journey, transferring to Longwood University in the fall of 2023 after three seasons with the University of Toledo.

Logan’s dedication to golf began to shine during his time at the University of Toledo, where he contributed to the team’s impressive achievements. Recently, Logan and his former golf team earned Special Recognition as part of the GCAA Outstanding Team Academic Honors, a distinction awarded to teams with exceptional academic commitment. The team received this accolade for collectively posting an impressive 3.78 grade point average (GPA). Logan himself boasts an outstanding 3.75 GPA, a testament to his commitment to his studies alongside his athletic pursuits.

Logan’s decision to continue his academic and athletic journey at Longwood University is another example of his dedication to both his sport and his education. His new university can undoubtedly look forward to a talented golfer who brings not only skill but also a commitment to success on all fronts.

Logan’s dedication, academic prowess, and sporting achievements have made us immensely proud of his accomplishments, and we eagerly anticipate his continued successes, both on the golf course and in his academic pursuits at Longwood University!

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