Before putting on the Converse University colours in the fall of 2023, Ben’s sporting journey was already packed with notable experiences. He honed his tennis skills while representing St. Andrew’s College, where his talent flourished. Beyond school, he showcased his tennis prowess in various clubs, including Canterbury Tennis over 18’s, Waimari Tennis Club, Burnside Tennis Club, and Wellington Tennis Club.

Ben’s athletic journey is not confined to tennis alone; during high school, he immersed himself in many sports, ranging from rugby to soccer, table tennis to cross-country. His diverse athletic background underscores his well-rounded approach to sports and proves his commitment to being an all-around athlete.

Recent performances on the collegiate tennis scene have thrust Ben into the spotlight. At the Limestone Invitational, he showcased his tenacity by staging a comeback victory after losing the first set to his opponent. Additionally, Ben, alongside his doubles partner, secured victory in the Flight B doubles final at the Conference Carolina Roundup, outplaying a duo from Barton College!

Ben is a rising star in Converse University’s athletic community. His dedication, versatility, and competitive spirit make him a standout athlete and a source of inspiration for his peers. We eagerly anticipate his future successes with the Converse University tennis team and are immensely proud of all that he has accomplished thus far. The future holds great promise!

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