Based on the ruling by a federal judge in the NCAA v. Alston Case 2021, the NCAA declared that schools in America are allowed to offer cash bonuses for student-athletes who excel academically based on their Grade Point Averages (GPA). Not all colleges are required to provide any new benefits or cash bonuses, but now have the option to do so, which will change the recruiting landscape.

How much can student-athletes earn in cash bonuses?

Colleges can now pay each athlete up to $5,980 USD per year as a reward for academic performances.

Why is this a powerful move for colleges?

Colleges in the united states are very competitive. They compete to have the highest graduation rate, academic ranking, and best performing sporting program. Prominent colleges with the financial ability to do this can use cash bonuses as a recruitment tool to attract high-performing athletes. In addition, full scholarships do not cover flights to America and general living costs (movies, shopping malls, leisure activities). Therefore, athletes doing well in the classroom and earning cash bonuses will be placed in a great financial position.

Which colleges are doing cash bonuses?

There are just over 22 colleges which have confirmed they will offer cash bonuses to students. These include:

  • Arkansas
  • Arizona State
  • Auburn
  • Clemson
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Iowa State
  • Kentucky
  • LSU
  • Miami
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma St.
  • Ole Miss
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Texas Tech
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

How easy is it to receive cash bonuses?

Colleges will set their academic requirements for students to receive cash bonuses. Some colleges have set higher criteria for students to receive more money than others. For example, at the University of Missouri, students need a 3.5 GPA to receive $2,400 USD in bonuses annually. At the University of Wisconsin, students can earn up to around $5,000 USD annually, graduating with $20,000 USD in cash bonuses.

The college system is looking bright!

This movement is extremely positive and exciting for student-athletes. Traditionally the NCAA disallowed student-athletes to be compensated financially. However, on July 1st 2021, the NCAA allowed student-athletes to be paid based on their Name, Image and Likeness (NLI rule). Now students can earn money based on academic performance. The movement makes the college system much more attractive, and we cannot wait for our athletes to receive financial gains in the future.

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