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Social Media – Things to watch out for

What not to post on social media Social Media is a big recruiting tool coaches use when looking for prospective student-athletes. Some social media Platforms that coaches use are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok. However, should you be careful about what you post and what you send privately to your friends and family? […]

NCAA v. Alston: Athletes can be paid!

Based on the ruling by a federal judge in the NCAA v. Alston Case 2021, the NCAA declared that schools in America are allowed to offer cash bonuses for student-athletes who excel academically based on their Grade Point Averages (GPA). Not all colleges are required to provide any new benefits or cash bonuses, but now […]

College FAQ’S

When does the year start in the USA College system?First Semester: August – DecemberSecond Semester: January/February – May’ Do colleges offer 4-year contracts? Most colleges offer a one-year renewable contract. It is actually very rare for a college to offer a student-athlete a four-year contract. Coaches will set annual conditions for student-athletes to meet which […]