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Indoor Volleyball in the American Collegiate System

Indoor volleyball is a sport that captures the attention of thousands of college students across the United States each year. With its high-energy rallies and thrilling spikes, it is easy to see why the sport has become a staple of American college athletics. Indoor volleyball’s unique emphasis on teamwork and strategy makes it a true […]

Joan Madi | East Carolina University

Congratulations to Joan Madi who has signed her scholarship agreement with East Carolina University Women’s Tennis Team! Joan is from Beirut, Lebanon and is coming from Athenee de Beyrouth. Joan has been working with our team over the last year and what a pleasure it has been! Joan’s amazing grades and impressive tennis CV attracted […]

Rylee Godbold | Wofford College

Congratulations to Rylee Godbold who has signed her soccer scholarship agreement with the Wofford College Women’s Soccer Team! Rylee is from New Zealand and has an amazing player CV. This includes competing at the highest club level and also representing New Zealand on an international stage. Rylee has been working with us since October 2021 […]

Ayana Rengiil | Alabama A&M University

In order to understand Ayana’s story, we have to take you back to the beginning. On the 1st of December in 2015, the Director of Platform Sports, Amrit Rai, reached out to Darran on Facebook messenger with the aim of assisting his athletes through the college system. Darran Wrighton was the director of the ITF […]

Jemma Catherwood | Nicholls State University

Congratulations to Jemma Catherwood who has signed a soccer scholarship with the Nicholls State Women’s Soccer Team! Jemma is based in Wellington (NZ) and is an amazing soccer player. She has been named in New Zealand National Squads and competes in the highest league in the country for Capital Football. Nicholls State is an NCAA […]

Tina Li | Bringham Young University

Tina Li is from New Zealand but has been living in Taiwan over the last few years. We started helping Tina through the college process when she was in her senior year and what a pleasure it has been! Tina is an incredible student, with a very big tennis game. She has put pen to […]

James Slessor | Youngstown State University

Congratulations to James Slessor who has signed his swimming scholarship agreement with Youngstown State University (YSU)! YSU competes within the NCAA Division 1 Horizon League Conference. This is a very competitive conference with a lot of strong swimming programs. We are hoping that with the addition of James he can help them with some conference […]

Edie Ancell | Monmouth University

Congratulations to Edie Ancell who has signed a scholarship agreement with the Monmouth University Swimming Team! Edie is from Auckland (NZ) and has been working with us over the last year. Edie has worked extremely hard in the swimming pool and her swimming times spoke for themselves! Monmouth University is located in New Jersey and […]

Madison Wills | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Congratulations to Madison Wills who has signed a scholarship agreement with the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee! Madison is a very talented swimmer based in Dunedin and will be joining her new team in August 2022. Madison is a fantastic talent with over 30 medals across numerous events on the national stage! On top of […]

Lizzie Neale | Northern Arizona University

Lizzie Neale is off to NAU! Northern Arizona University is an NCAA Division 1 program that competes in the Big Sky Conference. NAU is located in the sunstruck Flagstaff, Arizona and has around 30,000 students. They have a beautiful campus and their golf team has some absolutely stunning courses that they play at. They boast […]